Let's ride together.

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Bicycle claims specialists.

Riders at Work — We understand bicycles and the people that ride them.


Client Experiences

Exceptional service as a potent marketing tool.

Tailored claims experience to fit your brand.

Constant communication with customers.

Procurement and Repair Process

Tech-driven procurement and trusted suppliers.

Large volume handling for scale benefits.

Potential 50% savings on quarterly claims costs.


Comprehensive handling of repair, and resale.

Unlocking value to further reduce claims costs.

Expert Claim Assesments

Specialised knowledge for complex bicycle claims.

Extensive experience and industry connections.

Effective management of claim costs.


Detailed reports on claims, savings, and feedback.

Regular updates on industry trends.

Loan Bicycles

Loan bicycles for uninterrupted mobility.

Reduces need for cash settlements.

What we do

Expertise in cost-effective, unparalleled claims experiences.

Deep understanding of bicycle claims for accurate outcomes.

Our strength lies in our objectivity and vested-interest-free model.

Who are we

We're a unique blend of cyclists and insurance professionals. With over 14 years of experience — we're here to help cyclists navigate the aftermath of unforeseen events. Our team is a mix of former professional cyclists, mechanics, and store managers, all with a deep understanding of insurance. Our core commitment is fostering healthy relationships with our bicycle business insurance partners and their cycling customers.

Our global partners

We're proud to partner with leading insurers worldwide, leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge, expertise, and experience.

South Africa
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Let's ride together.

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